The young and talented DJ and producer Madd Rod has made his debut on Xinobi and Moullinex imprint Discotexas with an EP called ‘Rumors’.

Discotexas is currently one of the biggest labels on the national scene. In 2007 the two biggest Portuguese artists gave birth to this outstanding project that has reached levels that no one has accomplished so far, with iconic tracks such as ‘Searching For’ and ‘Far Away Place’ by Xinobi, ‘Running in The Dark’ by Moullinex among many others. It’s important to also mention that Keinemusik have shown a lot of support to this label as well which proves its amazing quality.

About the artist, Madd Rod he’s a producer that doesn’t need any kind of introduction now. Currently a rising star in Portugal and internationally he has nothing to prove anymore with his label Inner Shah Recordings with almost four years doing very well, now the sky is the limit for this artist.

Regarding ‘Rumours’, it’s a two track EP that starts with the track that gives the name to EP. A very melodic travel around some eastern vibes surrounding the brilliant melody that composes the track. Followed by that we have ‘Hindrances’, a more melancholic and darker track, focused on a heavier synth and higher drums to go along with the main leads.

And well, this is ‘Rumours’ the debut of Madd Rod in Discotexas. If you enjoy this EP as much as we did make sure to purchase it here.

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