Two years after the release of the fourth part of realm of consciousness, Tale of Us joined forces again to provide continuity to this wonderful story, now with the fifth part.

Realm Of Consciousness Part V contains 17 unreleased tracks from the Afterlife’s regulars Recondite, Adriatique, Colyn, Innellea and Agents of Time as well as artists who have recently released works in the label: Ae:ther, Tone Depth, Glowal, Fideles, Glowal, Stephan Jolk and Marino Canal. This compilation also features artists who have never previously collaborated with Afterlife: Joseph Capriati, Primal, Dyzen, Fedele, Beswerda and Gardens of God.

These previously mentioned artists show the evolution of some regular producers such as Colyn and Innellea that debut their very first collaboration, but also the release of long waited tracks such as ‘Trance Lesson’ from Adriatique that has was premiered for the first time back in 2019 and it’s probably the most hyped track of the EP as well as ‘Morgen’ by Stephan Jolk and even ‘Nightfall’ by Agents of Time.

In retrospective, the album encompasses everything Afterlife represents: introspective electronica, euphoric peak-time cuts and more subtle rollers. Seventeen inspired interpretations of the surroundings that Tale of Us have developed over the past few years. All tracks of this compilation have a common denominator that fully justifies the name of the series: it is as if the listener enters a stream of consciousness, in which he absorbs all the tracks as if a one long track was, immersing himself throw the sound of penetrating melodies, improbable and contagious beats. It is as if he immerses in the realm of consciousness through a state of trance and unconsciousness.

If you enjoy this EP as much as we did make sure to purchase it here.

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