João Azevedo is an upcoming producer from Porto, Portugal and on the last couple years he has been releasing some great songs starting in 2018 on the label Blossom Kollektiv. Followed by that, last year and this year, two major releases happened to the artist, the first one being the release of in own very first EP on Kadosh and Omri Guetta imprint Frau Blau. Also on the beginning of this year the artist released another track on the same label, this time on their VA. And now, after passing through these labels, the time to take the next leap has come, and it is indeed a huge leap because it is the debut from João Azevedo on Multinotes with ‘False Mirror’!

For those who are not familiar, Multinotes is an imprint founded by Lehar, Musumeci and Olderic and it is defined as being “the door to enter the musical world of an undefined bunch of people aiming to trace the contours of contemporary evolution in electronic music according to their visions”.

To mark their ideology of being an open-label to every artist that wants to join them, yesterday they released the third chapter of Exhibition, their own VA that counts with 13 tracks by some of label’s regulars such as Ivory(IT), but also many new fresh debuts from artists like Philipp Straub and Outcome, those two are already very well known in the scene with a lot of releases on Bedrock Records, Evans that recently released a track on SIAMESE VA, Adam Ten, Tomper and many more. But from this all artists there is one that highlights the most, an artist that has never accomplished something as big as releasing a track on what is probably one of the biggest labels on the scene, that is right, it is João Azevedo.

With ‘False Mirror’ the Portuguese artist tries a different approach from what he has done recently on Frau Blau, with the creation of an epic melody that gives you instant chills alongside with a vert good mix of drums that make this track so unique.

And well, this is Multinotes VA and the very first debut of João Azevedo on the label. If you enjoy this EP as much as we did make sure to purchase it here.

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