Almost a year after the release of ‘No One’s Fault’ by the talented Portuguese artist Madd Rod on the Lisbon-based imprint VIAGE, he’s now back at the label with a three-track EP called ‘Lust and Euphoria’.

In this EP, Madd Rod presents three new originals: ‘Utopic Dreams’, ‘Broken Society’ and ‘Lust and Euphoria’. On the first one the artists deliver to us a pure melodic experience alongside with a very melodic vibe, a truly masterpiece that fits perfectly on a sunset or sunrise set. ‘Broken Society’ in other hand presents a darker perspective from the artist with heavier synths, higher BPMs and stunning drums. And to finish the EP we have the track that gives the name to the EP itself. On this last one Madd Rod explores, as the first one, a more melodic and progressive sound with amazing surroundings created around a beautiful melody.

With this stunning EP the Portuguese artist Madd Rod delivers to all his fans the best that he can offer, pure melodic trips around the surroundings of a groovy base.

And this is ‘Lust and Euphoria’, the return of the brilliant Portuguese artist Madd Rod to VIAGE. If you enjoy this track as much as we did make sure to purchase it here.

To celebrate the imprint’s birthday, they’re hosting a special event tomorrow on at Nada Temple in Lisbon. If you’re interested to attend to this event you can purchase the tickets here.

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