Nearly seven months after the very first release of Collé on Point In Time, an imprint curated by him and Marwan, he’s now back with a brand new single to hit the dance music charts once again with this bomb called ‘Silk Flower’.

The debut of Point In Time last year was a major success for the owners Collé and Marwan, with lots of premieres of the track ‘Losing Time’ and with the support of names such as Solomun, Dixon, Tale of Us, Adriatique etc. Besides that, Collé has already released some pure bangers such as ‘World to Come’ on Anjunadeep, ‘Owami’ with Oluhle on Truecolors that was a huge success and it’s probably the most recognizable track by the artist himself.

Regarding ‘Silk Flower’ is a melodic trip surrounded by the amazing vocals of Sascha Naomi, it is indeed a perfect “club-ish” track and thus gives continuity to Collé’s music signature. On a more personal perspective of the track the artist explains to us what’s behind of this stunning track:

With Silk Flower I enter a personal new musical territory, which is more breakbeat and song-oriented and not especially for the dance floor. Sacha Naomi, a singer from Amsterdam has done a great job with the moody and unique vocals. Funfact is that I mixed and mastered this one together with Ariaan who is one of the minds behind Cubicolor. The original idea for Silk Flower was written in 2019 and I’ve made many different versions since then, but somehow it never felt right. With the last year that the world has endured, I felt it was time to rethink the track completely and this immediately felt so much more relevant. It became a more song-oriented song and not specific to the dancefloor. Can’t wait to share this one with the rest of the world,’ 

And this is ‘Silk Flower’ by Collé and Sacha Naomi. If you enjoy this track as much as we did make sure to purchase it here.

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