After a very, very long wait, Unfold Me is finally released! Premiered back at the Defqon.1 @ Home event last year on B-Front’s set, this magnificent track has been in the vaults since, further perpetuating the usual “Roughstate release dates” mockery, and has finally seen the light of day.

The track starts smoothly with a slow melody in the background, leading way to the enticing female vocals shortly after. The track then begins to ramp up adding elements to the mix as we progress, dropping them shortly after. The short silence gives way to the immense melody that takes over the high frequencies, with the vocals reappearing to guide us through the build up. The climax is absolutely intense, with the kick having a high pitch that’s not too overcooked, and with the bass being impactful down below. The melody is long, but addicting. The break once again features extensive vocal elements, which the track revolves around. The second climax switches things up with a melody variation but the same intense feeling as the first. The track ends as it started, with soothing rhythms

These artists managed to throw in the mix both high and low frequencies without one overwhelming the other, making an amazingly well balanced and heartfelt track that will please every Hard Dance fan.

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