The wonder duo from Italy has struck gold again with their latest track: THOR! An absolute journey through all the best Hard Dance has to offer, from Hardstyle to Hardcore.

THOR starts up “slow” but quickly ramps up to a section with an insane assortment of Hardcore kicks. This really energetic part winds down shortly after for a break that introduces a Hardstyle part with a crunchy kick, along with the iconic vocals that accompany us throughout the whole track. This is followed by another break with intense drums that work us through the build up to another high intensity part. There’s a fake drop styled climax with screeches that lead us up to it, after which all energy breaks loose!

This track will be absolutely insane whenever we can hear it live. It is one of those that ticks all the boxes in terms of getting the crowd going at festivals and with it’s constantly changing tempo it will be an absolutely fun party tool to play during live performances. We can almost say the vocals help shape the track, they “mold” around the BPM fluctuations perfectly and serve a big purpose during build ups and breaks.

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