His stage and producer name is EDGR, a more artistic way of spelling his real name (Edgar) and we can see it now as rising star from the lands of Portugal. Born in 1999, the 21-year-old producer began his journey about 4/5 years ago, but only last year he had the opportunity from CLAB Records, a Brazilian label, to make his first official release, stating “Take Away” as his debut in the scene, in a collaboration with Lucas Aoki, a compatriot of the label.

The Portuguese producer seems to be aiming at higher fields and is now looking forward to taking his first steps into the biggest electronic music labels, and proof of it are the two signed release contracts that he managed to get already with Future House Cloud, a German team that counts with a massive number of followers (100K on Instagram and 128K on YouTube), showing just how serious they are on betting on this young man.

The first of the two tunes to come out is “Let me know”, a slap house sound that has the power of bringing into the atmosphere the feeling of pure well-being, just that kind of vibe you get when it’s summertime and you’re in your car coming home with your closest ones. The window is open, and this tune feels just as that smooth fresh breeze in a hot beach day.

We are in April already, and the sun is starting to shine bright again, but only music like this can give us the true feeling that the glory summer times are really getting closer, something that EDGR is undoubtedly looking to be able to provide it more than once, being his third release on the 23 of this very same month.

You can look into his socials by clicking here, but mind to get a listen to “Let me Know” down here or at any other streaming platform, including YouTube:

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