Almost one month after the last release from the British label Somatic Recordings, today the imprint released another massive EP by Arash Shadram, and Eleonora called ‘Feel You’.

Arash Shadram is already a producer that doesn’t need any kind of introductions. He already has several releases in huge labels such as Be Free Recordings, Black Rose, the SMTC underground and many more. In the other hand we have what can be called be most talented singer in the melodic techno scene, that’s right, Eleonora, already with many stunning releases with one of the most recognized being ‘With You Here’ released on Be Free Recordings alongside with Stjepanek.

‘Feel You’ is a five-track EP, with the first track being the one that gives the name to the EP itself. It’s a track that’s focused on the drums that aren’t usually seen in this kind of tracks, but in the other hand they work perfectly with the vocals from Eleonora. In addition to this track we have a remix by Coeus with his own special touch focused on an epic melodic trip. We have also a radio edit of the original track as well.

After that we have ‘The Unfolding’ by Arash, this one presents a darker vibe than ‘Feel You’, more focused on the melody and the surrounding ambient that’s created around those strings. In addition to that we have the remix from Erly Tepshi with way heavier drums than the original and with Erly’s identity on it.

And well this is ‘Feel You’ EP by Arash Shadram and Eleonora with remixes from two huge names on the scene, Coeus and Erly Tepshi. If you enjoy this track as much as we did make sure to purchase it here.

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