343 Pro Sessions, a project created by 343 Labs, announced this week their next event featuring Theus Mago, a session that many fans and productions certainty won’t miss it.

343 Pro Sessions are two-day educational livestreams during which some of the world’s most accomplished artists, producers, and DJs, break down and share their creative process with their fans, producers and with the 343 Community. These lessons happen on a close zoom meeting and it gets recorded for you to be able to watch again or watch for the first time if you missed it. So far there has been huge names that had already gave top class sessions, including Lehar, Innellea, Fedele, Eagles & Butterflies and many more.

Regarding this next event, as mentioned above, it will feature Theus Mago, the alter ego of established Mexican producer Mateo González, which is responsible for dance music projects such as Bufi (Kitsuné/Discotexas), Sonido Fantasma (Turbo Recordings) Mateo is also co-head of label Duro, a Latin American Primitive Dance Music. This new recently project of Mateo was created with the urge of freely exploring a darker and more atmospheric side of electronic music, with a special focus on the beat.

Despite being such a new project, Theus was already supported by many huge artists on the scene such as Solomun, who included “Ritmo Extraterrestre” in several of his 2015 presentations and played ‘Komm Ins Loch’ on Tomorrowland in 2019. It also has attracted the ears and attention of important record labels such as Kill The Dj (Chloe and Ivan Smagghe’s label) and Correspondant (Jennifer Cardini’s label).

If you’re interested to purchase the session, you can do it here, and use our special codeTHEUS5MAGO” for a 5$ discount. Hurry to but these tickets because there has been a lot of demand!

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