The Dyzen project was born in Puglia (Italy) in 2017 from two contrasting minds, Francesco Perrone and Nicola Disabato, obsessed with research of perfection and details, which, through music, want to tell their story and today they have another brilliant creation, this time on Fideles label IMPRESSUM called ‘Exodus’ EP (IMPRSSM004).

Over the past year this duo has become even more well-known with their releases in huge labels such as Oddity Records and Running Clouds.

This time, the Italian duo Fideles decided to bring these brilliant producers on to their own label IMPRESSUM, which has given us amazing melodic tracks like their last release which was by In Anima called ‘XXY’ EP.

Regarding this new release, ‘Exodus’ is a two-track EP starting off with ‘Ascent’, a truly melodic masterpiece by Dyzen which has been played by Fideles many times already including on their last livestream.

The last track is the one that gives the name to the EP itself, this one has higher BPMs and it escapes a little bit from melodic techno itself and focus on a more alternative vibe but still with an enormous presence of a very beautiful melodic vibe.

In a small talk with the label we can see what lead to the creation of this EP:

Make way for ‘Exodus’: an almighty two-track slab of cosmic dynamite that taps into some of the strongest roots of deep, emotional electronic dance music. Think BT, think Bedrock, think Northern Exposure; there’s an epic sense of space and overwhelming crystalline aesthetic to both tracks as Dyzen bring heavy feelings to two very different soundscapes.

‘Ascent’ starts the engine with a ploughman 4/4 that gradually opens out into more of broken swing as chandelier synths swing overhead and a rising sense of euphoria builds unhurriedly throughout. ‘Exodus’, meanwhile, is all-out breakbeat bliss. Perfect sunset or sunrise material (or any stage of the night between if we’re honest), there’s a latent sense of hope rising throughout the track that couldn’t be more poignant at this stage of 2021 if it tried. Impressed? We certainly are…

And well this is ‘Exodus’ EP by Dyzen, their first presence on IMPRESSUM! If you like this EP as much as we did make sure to purchase it here.

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