One of the most renowned names in the Hardstyle scene has broken his silence. After an extremely extended hiatus off from releases, Noisecontrollers has returned with an amazing track!

The track begins with the usual Noisecontrollers elements filling up the atmosphere, leading us right after to a very tamed mid intro, something different to what we’re used to hearing from top tier releases these days. The break features soothing female vocals backed by a robotic version of them that suits the overall vibe very well. The lead melody is unleashed shortly after, taking front row above the background elements. The build up has a formula similar to the intro, leading us to an energetic climax, with a very prominent bassline. There’s a short break midway through that allows the listener to catch his breath through all the energy. The second climax has a melody variation that’s very interesting, ending the track with a bang.

They Pretend has a bit of everything this artist is renowned for. It seems that even after the long period without releases, he’s found his way again with this stunning track!

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