Good news for all weekend warriors – we may soon have a bigger and better Defqon.1 experience!

According to local sources, the municipality of Dronten has granted an environmental permit that will allow festivals taking place there to be extended, giving way for opportunities for the biggest events hosted at the Walibi Holland – Lowlands, and Defqon.1.

Despite being contested by neighboring communities and a bungalow park nearby, the Dutch court has ruled the permit as valid.

If this is to be taken into consideration, we may be seeing an extended Defqon.1 as soon as 2023, given that the 2022 edition of the festival will essentially be the one that couldn’t take place in 2020, and is unlikely (or at least extremely questionable) a change like this could take place so soon both due to that and the financial constraints that Q-dance is subject to resulting from the pandemic.

If Q-dance takes advantage of this permit, it will be amongst the biggest changes in the festival’s history, next to moving from the Almeerderstrand to the Walibi Holland in 2011 (which, by itself, allowed camping and thus an extension of the festival to include a pre-party on one day and the festival on the other) and the switch to a full weekend and a pre-party late Friday from 2012 onwards.

This change has been rumored for years, with countless discussions online on this extension and rumors running wild in 2018 about a 4 day edition being imminent for the festival in 2019, and with more news in 2019 about these permits fueling the fire for 2020. It seems that despite all the roadblocks laid mostly by noise complaints, the permits are now final. Will Q-dance take the chance? And would you like an extra festival day? Let us know through our socials!

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