Nearly three months after the release of REBA ALT001, ‘Resinous Head’ EP, Remcord is now back on his own imprint with a stunning EP called ‘Alfortville’.

‘Alforville’ is the continuation of the story by Remcord’s label REBA, where the artist keeps delivering the best of what the French melodic techno producer has to offer to their many fans around the world.

It’s a three-track EP which starts with the track that gives the name to the EP itself, where Remcord explores soft melodic leads alongside with catchy “metallic” drums, a truly remarkable track that fits perfectly on being the main track of this EP.

After that we have ‘Terrible Plant’ a more progressive perspective here from the artists with a special focus on a melody that gives you instant chills. And to finish the EP we have ‘Wook’ a lower-BPM track with a focus on smoother drums alongside with a more oriental vibes leads, a brilliant way to end this EP. It’s also It’s also very important to mention the constant support from Tale of Us in every single track from Remcord, which proves his constant quality since the beginning.

In a small chat with Remcord here’s how he describes this EP:

The long winter nights bring us their peaks of nostalgia and take us along with it in the meanders of introspection.
Reba 006 expresses this with 3 new tracks composed by Remcord.
‘Alfortville’ begins this sixth opus and invites us directly to board the floating wagon, in the direction of your imagination. Through this rhythmic loop and its hovering atmospheres, some will see the northern lights, others the abyss.
No really need to introduce the second track of this EP, ‘Terrible Plant’, everything is said in the title. (refer to article 4.20)
‘Wook’ closes this new chapter. As it is now tradition on REBA, the third track is more personal.
As usual, a lot of love and a bit of grass went into the making of this EP.

And well this is ‘Alforville’ EP! If you enjoy this EP as much as we did make sure to purchase it here.

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