The boys strike again! One of the most sought after duo in the harder styles just put out an astonishing track, combining the roughness of their kicks with enticing female vocals

The track kicks off with soothing female vocals and a striking lead, rising up immediately after to a punchy mid intro with deep kicks and earth shattering bass, that quickly switch up to a more punchy kick. As quickly as it ramped up, the track winds down to the break, returning with the amazing vocals. The layered vocals are very nicely made, with the addicting lead melody taking front row shortly after. We then have a build up in the usual Sub Zero Project style that culminates in a fake anticlimatic section before the true highlight – a very energetic climax, ending in chopped vocals, bridging us to an anti climatic part with higher intensity.

This track is an insane roller coaster from start to finish – quick, highly energetic and punchy, with superb production. An absolute gem from this duo!

In addition to this immense track, the duo mentioned this track is part of “Chapter 1″… Of what exactly? Maybe best to stay tuned to find out!

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