Almost one month after Lindahl and KOKA(DE) ‘Audara’ EP on Somatic Records, the British label is now back with a fresh release from the upcoming producer Kommodo called ‘Breath’ EP.

Kommodo is a Brazilian based producer. His music is a mixture of various electronics genres, ranging from techno to Progressive House and already with releases in major labels such as Time Code Music, Timeless Moment and SMTC Underground, a Somatic Records sub-label.

‘Breath’ is four-track EP with two singles from Kommodo, the extended version and the radio edit, and two remixes, one from a Brazilian duo that doesn’t need any kind of introduction or whatsoever, that’s right, Binaryh and another one from Nairo, a producer with releases in several labels such as Steyoyoke, Awen Records and KDB.

The original track is a merge of powerful strings that gives you instant chills together with beautiful vocals, the perfect combination for a melodic trip on the surroundings of melodic techno. Nairo’s remix explores the melodic side of the track with a special focus on the environment that’s created around the leads, a well accomplished remix. After that we have Binaryh’s unique perspective of the track with powerful synths and heavier drums as we are already used to. To finish we have something that must of the viewers can recall from 2013 era releases, a radio edit in this case with lower bpms and a more progressive sound than the original one.

And this is ‘Breath’ EP from Kommodo! What do you think about it? If you enjoy this EP as much as we did make sure to purchase it here!

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