Experimenting is the key to improve. Trying out new things will always make you push your own boundaries and that’s just what SOXX keeps on doing. Make sure you listen to ‘Candyflip‘ and you’ll know why.

That’s right, from France, you got used over time to the beautiful melodies of this young man. After seeing his tracks released under huge labels such as Hexagon, Bass House Music, NCS and even Gold Digger, he now returns to Mixmash with his Candyflip banger.

After his first release on the label, his Passion EP, Laidback Luke’s team surrendered to SOXX’s sound and signed the man for the long term. That EP and this single is the start of a big relationship between both the label and the producer.

Candyflip is the personification of what dance music should be all about: experimenting and trying out new stuff. On this one, you get both beautiful melodies and hard hitting drops. With a glitchy drop, composed of robotic elements and retro sounds, this is one of those you’ll want to hear in repeat if you don’t want to miss any little detail.

Make sure you go listen to this one everywhere and let us know what you think about it!

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