Renowned artist Toneshifterz just graced us with one very epic and outside the box track!

The track kicks off with robotic vocals and some screech effects, leading us to a mid intro with a deep kick and a crunchy reversed bass down below. The break is extremely melodic, making use of ethnic vocals, oriental like instruments, and the robotic vocals once more. The lead melody kicks off soon thereafter, filling up the speakers really nicely, with a good bassline rounding it. In the build up, we’re led through with the robotic vocals and we drop into an anticlimactic section, with a nice impacting kick and bass. The following break doesn’t give the listener much time to rest and ramps up smoothly until a melodic climax, unleashing all the energy the track has to offer. The bass here sounds really nice on good speakers, with the low and high frequencies coexisting perfectly.

Yet another very well made track from an artist that’s been here for a long, long time! For me, this one goes straight to be one of the top tracks he’s ever done! Let us know if you loved it as well through our socials

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