VNTM has curated his own label called Apparition in the beginning of last year and since then he has delivered to the fans around the world his unique releases that combines modern day techno with contemporary progressive melodies and ‘Mystic’ is another EP that proves the focus of the Dutch producer.

The artist doesn’t need any introduction or whatsoever because nowadays he’s already well-known due to his epic releases not only on his own imprint but also in labels such as Afterlife, Running Clouds, Infinite Depth, among many others that lead to his success today. You may also recognize VNTM by this track above played several times by many artists including Tale of Us.

‘Mystic’ is a two-track EP that combines dark melodies and heavy kicks. The first track it’s the one that gives name to the EP itself. It was premiered several times by many artists including Kevin De Vries which is an admirer of VNTM itself. The second and last one it’s called ‘Fractual’ and in comparison to the first one it’s more melodic and more progressive with lower BPMs, a truly melodic surrounding experience.

In a small chat with the label we can see what lead to the creation of this stunning EP:

VNTM tries to step ahead into the future with optimism and a sense of enlightenment. The title track ‘Mystic’, infuses a sense of nostalgia due to the big amount of peak time plays in his sets and hopefully brings back those magic climaxes we all have experienced together in the clubs. The second track ‘Fractual’ tunes into the new, the yet to be discovered and the hypnotic side while remaining a rather serious tone of voice. It’s an introspective piece of music that has many different layers telling different stories, from the repeating main hook that induces a lot of energy to the deeper melodic ambiances and details that can be found throughout the record. Shifting focus from the ‘could haves and would haves’ of the past year, going from a rushed life of amazing patterns every day, to an ever increasingly small world now, forces everyone to reflect and think about all our experiences in these rough times.

And well this is ‘Mystic’ EP, the fourth release of VNTM on his own imprint Apparition! If you enjoy this EP as much as we did make sure to purchase it here.

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