Nearly eight months after Alberth’s ‘Open Sky’ release on the Italian label Black Rose, he’s now back with the Senses of Mind for a new Ep called ‘Sanctum’.

This is the first debut of Senses of Mind on Black Rose and they fit perfectly on the mood of the label. If you’re interested to know the inspirations of the duo are and how they started their career, make sure to read our interview to them here.  ‘Sanctum’ is a four-track EP with two collabs between the artists, one single from Alberth with Hydrah and the last one is a single from Senses of Mind.

The first one is the main track of the EP and it’s a truly melodic experience that combines the best of what Alberth and Senses of Mind can offer. The second one it’s called ‘Amethist’ and it was premiered several times including on Senses of Mind livestream last week that you can check down below. After that we have ‘Youngblood’ by Alberth and Hydrah, a rising electronic music producer, composer, and singer with releases on labels such as OHM Music, Jackson Records and Awen Records. This one is a higher BPM track with a progressive vibe on it. The last one it’s called ‘Heliotrope’ by Senses of Mind. It’s the perfect way to end the EP with a darker perspective by the duo in comparison with the previous tracks.

And this is ‘Sanctum’ EP by Alberth and Senses of Mind! As usual the label did a little interview to both artists regarding the release. If you enjoy this EP as much as we did make sure to purchase it here.

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