The world does not stop and the Dutch DJ and producer, Radical Redemption, does not as well and just released another great track!!

This time we have good news from the Netherlands, Radical Redemption has just graced us with another great Hardstyle theme that you will certainly not want to stop listening to anytime soon. “The Last Bass” is a meaningful theme for RD, it ends up having to do with the now discontinued event Hard Bass, one of his favourite events, according to the artist.

It was already a theme that had been played previously and that finally ends up seeing the light of day. Initially something calm and that with the rhythm ends up making the bpms go up reaching the long-awaited kick that we are already used to, something less aggressive than normal but that happened with great quality and clarity.

Already known for his willpower and dedication to hardstyle, Radical Redemption does not stop and after launching his last album “The Chronicles of Chaos” in which he was quite successful, he did not take his foot off the accelerator and launched this new theme! A mix of longing and tribute.

Listen below the new track of Radical Redemption:

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