Massively talented Sephyx gifts us one more epic track that showcases not only his epic production skills, as well as his guitar skills!

The track quickly ramps off right at the start to a very heavy mid intro, prominently featuring a vocal chop and a heavy kick with a slightly distorted bass down below. We’re led to the break shortly after, that puts the beautiful voice of Carola front and center with a piano in the background. As we progress the vocals get layered and sound really well. The instrumentals ramp up slowly and steadily as we progress, with an immense lead taking over the airwaves right after. The iconic guitar elements featured on Sephyx’s releases are present here as well, just before the build up, with it leading us to an intense an energetic climax with the low and high frequency spectrums very well filled and a guitar riff mid way through it. After a short break for the vocals, the second climax continues the energy unleashed on the first climax, with the outro winding the track down perfectly with orchestral like elements.

Very nicely done from an artist that never disappoints! Stellar tracks, one after the other… Be sure to play this one loud!

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