The wait was long, but finally here it is! Ecstasy is the latest hit from the leaders of the Wolfpack, together with vocalist Mark Vayne!

The track kicks off with Mark Vayne’s vocals shining through first, followed by some synth effects bridging into another vocal section, backed by piano elements. A breakbeat comes up in the background, with the lead taking over shortly after, in a style that’s very characteristic of this duo. The intense build up ends with the vocals and a short break before the heavy kick drops, with bass down below filling the low frequencies really well. The track opens up to allow for a louder kick and more distorted bass. The break goes back to the focus on the vocals. The melody then slowly rises and is used to help with the build up for an intense climax that features a pleasant, punchy kick. The melody is absolutely addicting! The final section returns to a punch, unrelentless kick, that will surely keep crowds moving

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