New guys emerge from every corner of the world. Connaugh is one of these guys and with his latest track Hey Charlie he starts making his first steps to the top.

That’s right, straight from Denver, Colorado, this self taught producer, just made his first mark on the bass house scene, by releasing his first record under Gangsta House Records. Influenced by the roots of the Detroit Techno and House scene, Connaugh turned his mind into learning the deep techniques of Bass House.

This is his third release to date and after Back To The Funk and Find Me At The Club as self-released, he managed to get a pretty good amount of streams for debuts. With his latest record Hey Charlie, he manages to show of that there’s always room for improvement and getting bigger and better.

With a funky, groovy, catchy bassline, he manages to build up some pretty good drops and let everyone know he’s here to stay and he’s just waiting for dancefloors to open and make his tracks play everywhere.

If you haven’t yet, make sure you stream this one everywhere!

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