The Watchmen‘ is the latest collab from Hardstyle hero DJ Thera, who brought in the very talented Kruelty for some extra heavy beats

The track kicks off with a dark atmosphere and deep vocals making the listener feel like he’s in a horror movie. The lead carries us through the track and into an anti climatic section with a deep, punchy kick, that opens up shortly after, with some screeches complementing it all. The break is similar to the intro, with spooky vocals carrying us through a short build up that leads us into a “fake drop”. The following section has the most insane grueling kicks you can image! Lots of low frequencies here, some that are more felt than heard, which has a really great effect on good speakers. The track continues in its unrelentless pace, with the lead side chained carrying us throughout, together with a nice kick and bass

When I saw these two were about to release a track I could immediately feel it – it was going to be a dark one and this is exactly what came about. Nevertheless this is one amazing track for when you’re in the mood for something really aggressive! The result is really epic and we hope you love it as much as we did

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