It has been a while since we last went gardening, the last Lisb-on event was back in September 2019, so many moons ago. But now, get ready to warm you dancing feet during this winter in the first edition of “Lisb-On Jardim de Inverno”

It’s almost impossible to start any article without mentioning the elephant in the room, the pandemic. However, we all know what is going on around us, we aren’t oblivious to it and we all know how much event promotors, artists, technicians and other stakeholders in this industry are struggling.

However, it’s really easy to say we need to do more, the government needs to support this, that and the other, which is all fair and true. But, Lisb-On wants to go further, they want to go from “We should…” to “We are…”! That is where this new event “Lisb-On Jardim de Inverno” (which translates to “Lisb-On’s Winter Garden”) comes in.

Lisb-On Jardim de Inverno is a digital event that will happen on the 27th & 28th of February, with a stacked lineup with Portuguese artists, 20 artists to be exact. The event will run from 14h to 24h with artists like Vil, Cruz, 2JACK4U, Zé Salvador, Mary B and many many more.

The livestream will happen on their website exclusively and all of the funds raised will reverte to the artists in the lineup. So get your dancing shoes out of the closet, and let’s warm those feet up.

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