We have had the honor of interviewing Senses Of Mind, an amazing duo taking a very innovating approach on Techno! Without further ado, let’s jump straight into what they had to say…

Wide Future [WF]: How was the duo Senses Of Mind created and what’s the main goal of that identity?

Senses Of Mind [SOM]: Senses Of Mind was created after 12 years of being active in the Belgian nightlife and music industry. Made out of two friends who wanted to have the freedom to be able to share their creations. Senses Of Mind stands for much more than music, it’s a way of art.

[WF]: How did you guys started to work together? Did you know each other previously? 

[SOM]: We used to spend a lot of time together in each other’s studio and we learned a lot from each other, shared ideas and gave feedback on each other’s music. Yes, we studied in the same school. Two years ago we decided to stop our solo projects and start with Senses Of Mind.

[WF]: When did the passion from the music born from? Especially techno itself.

Kynan: I grew up with music from a young age, my dad always played heavy vinyl records. At 12 I started playing piano and guitar. And at the age of 16 I started drumming and got more interested in electronic music/Techno.
Miles: Actually I never listened to techno or electronic music in my teens until a few friends took me to a rave in Amsterdam about 10 years ago. Everything changed for me from then and I started producing more electronica music instead.

[WF]: What lead to such a quick growth by you guys as an artist?

[SOM]: We always try to think twice before taking a new step. We are also very selective in what we do. As a duo we complement each other very well, this is why the progress is visible.

[WF]: Followed by incredible releases in many huge labels such as Somatic Recordings, Running Clouds, Steyoyoke and many more, you’ve released an epic remix of ‘Two of Us’. How did that start?

[SOM]: Well, Steve from Somatic Records asked us for an exclusive remix of Two Of Us. On this beautiful track we couldn’t say no. We had an idea in which direction we wanted to go with this track, and are very pleased with the result.

[WF]: Last year you started your own label, Untold Stories, and it counts with three releases already. What lead to the creation of the label itself and why the name? 

[SOM]: It is very important for us to be able to express ourselves. On Untold Stories we only select tracks we feel are special. Untold Stories, the name says it all.

[WF]: Still regarding Untold Stories, do you intend to release any more artists, or you just intend to release tracks about the duo Senses of Mind?

[SOM]: At the moment we only release our own tracks and ask an artist we are specifically looking for to remix one of our tracks. We want to put our own foundation on Untold Stories first. 

[WF]: Today you released ‘Once In a Lifetime’ to kick off 2021. What can we expect from the track and how it was created?

[SOM]: Mind bending drums, gentle arpeggiators, combined with solid bass lines and a 80’s synth melodies. These secret weapons takes you on a journey between the past and the future. We started with our drums first this time using the Elektron Rytm MKII and building further on with Diva for the synths. The track was then handed over to Erly Tepshi where he twist it into his melodic vibe that only he does so well.

[WF]: What are the plans of Untold Stories for this year? Any different approach than the previous one?

[SOM]: Some great things are coming up for 2021 but we can not say much about it at the moment. But it will be a different approach then before.

[WF]: During this pandemic, you’ve spent more time in the studio than you did before? Could you say that this pandemic ‘helped’ you in a way to become more focused?

[SOM]: We produced a lot of new music and doing a lot of try-outs. We are taking our time. For us it did not help a lot, we have more inspiration when everything is normal.

[WF]: What are your goals for a near future?

[SOM]: Releasing on some of our favourite labels. Releasing our first album. And hopefully when corona is over getting some wonderful gigs and seeing a bit more of what this beautiful world has to offer.

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