Tone Depth became a part of the Afterlife family back in 2018 with his release ‘Ibn Sina’ on Realm Of Consciousness Pt. III. And now, he’s back with an EP called ‘Walls’.

Walls’ is a three-track EP that combines the best of what the Canadian producer has to offer. To start the EP, we have the main track, a truly melodic experience alongside with the vocals from Groj. This one was premiered several times by Tale of Us including on NEOPOP in 2019.

After that we have ‘Nero’, a different perspective from the artist that explores a more progressive vibe. And to finish the EP with the cherry on top of the cake we have ‘Terra’ a track that combines analog synths with powerful synths in the background.

In a small brief from Afterlife we can see what lead to this stunning EP

Focused on fusing organic sounds and textures with an electronic foundation, Tone Depth returns with a follow-up to, ‘Ibn Sina’, his outing on the third Realm of Consciousness compilation. The title track ‘Walls’ entices us into Tone Depth’s ethereal world, as the pulsating rhythm and electrifying atmosphere is complemented by Gorj’s emotionally-charged vocals. Once you step into the airy embrace of this alternate dimension, you encounter ‘Nero’, a track that is defined by its sombre tone and highly affecting arrangement – goosebumps incoming. Lastly, ‘Terra’ takes us into that strange purgatory between euphoria and melancholy, encouraging complete detachment from the physical realm.

And this is ‘Walls’, with the visuals from Ben Heim. The long waited return of Tone Depth to Afterlife! If you enjoy this EP as much as we did make sure to purchase it here!

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