What a better way to kick off your week, than with a groovy beat? Capozzi just brought out her newest EP The Dark Side and it will have you dancing all night!

Capozzi might be fairly new to the entire dance music scene, but she’s not new to the rhythm and this brand new EP proves it. Having her first track released under Tchami’s Confession, followed by releases on Pinnacle Collective, In-Rotation, AFTR HRS and others, she’s already secured her place in the industry.

Cave Studio, on the other hand, is an Italian duo, making their way to the top. Having their first release also under Tchami’s Confession, the heavy bass and crunchy tech house are constants on these guys’ tracks.

Well, The Dark Side EP features the best of both worlds. From Give Luv, to Cali, to Getcha, this is one of those EPs that you’ll have playing throughout your biggest rave, even if you do it home alone.

This last one, the Capozzi and Cave Studio collaboration, centers around the constant feeling of spookyness. The bassline and heavy melody throughout the entire track will get to the core of your brain and they won’t leave that soon.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this one and hear it out on all streaming platforms! Let us know what you think about it!

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