Since his creation in 1999 by the well-kwon John Digweed, Bedrock Records has delivered to us the best of what melodic house and techno has to offer to the world, with tracks from BOg, Quivver, Green Velvet among many others. And now they are back with a new EP from the Croatian duo Outcome and Philipp Straub called ‘Lyra’.

Lyra’ is a four-track EP that explores melodic synths from the 90’s alongside with a low BPM beats and that’s the perfect introduction to the first track of the EP that gives the name to the EP. Followed by that we have ‘Hayal’ by Outcome which explores a more deeper vibe with some Asian lyrics and groovier drums. After that we have ‘Modular’, a totally different approach here by the Philip and Outcome, focused on pure melodic techno and obviously with higher BPMs. And to finish the EP we have the remix of this last track mentioned from Kadosh (IL) with a tech house perspective from ‘Modular’.

In a small chat with the promoters we can see what lead to the creation of this EP:

Spear-headed by label boss and dance music legend John Digweed, Bedrock continues to push the boundaries of their output, channelling the authentic perspectives of both established and upcoming talents. In doing so, the imprint is navigating a new and diverse path for the electronic music scene that celebrates innovation and originality, with “Lyra” serving as yet another stellar example of their tenacity to promote meaningful and dynamic techno that leaves a lasting impression.

And this is ‘Lyra’ EP from Philipp Straub and the duo Outcome. What do you think about it? If you liked as much as we did make sure to purchase it here.

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