After his amazing guest mix for our Future Connection radioshow, we’ve had the honor of asking this very talented artist some questions about his path thus far!

Wide Future [WF]: First of all, on behalf of WideFuture, thank you so much for you being available to do this interview with us. 

Analog Context [AC]: I am very happy that you have this interview with me. Thank you very much for that. And I’m so excited to share my new set with you. 

[WF]: How was Analog Context created and what’s the main goal of that identity? 

[AC]: I’ve been producing for long years since I was 14. But at some point, I decided to change my stagename and sound for a new beginning. Eventually, my sound has [been] shaped by the influence of different music that I like to listen in my daily life. I mostly like to give my music the taste of chillout and newage theme. The more I produce music with various tones, the more I feel free and satisfied.  

[WF]: When did the passion from the music born from? Especially techno itself. 

[AC]: Actually, I myself cannot say ‘this is what makes the music a passion for me’. Somehow, music always touches my soul, since I knew myself. Musical instruments always attracted me. Creating stuff from scratch is a very amazing thing though, this what makes me start to produce. But techno shaped after I first met with the clubs and its culture which also have a big influence [on] how my sound shaped.   

[WF]: You do your career as a hobby or is this your full-time job? 

[AC]: My profession is perfusion technician in cardiovascular surgery. I graduated in 2018 and worked at a hospital for a time. Music, at first, was a hobby for me, especially before I graduated. After I quit my work at the hospital, music become more of my life. Nowadays, music is my only occupation. I can say that I have two professions now.  

[WF]: What lead to such a quick growth by you as an artist? Do you think that the support from many great names on the scene such as Stephan Jolk helped? 

[AC]: As I said before, actually I started to produce at the age of 14. I am doing this for 10 years. Still I am very young and have a desire to grow much more in my music career. That gives me the opportunity of improving myself continuously. As the quality of my sound reached a good level, I started to work with very good labels which gave a chance to my music to be known by those people and great names that I probably can not reach by myself in such a short time. Stephan Jolk, Agents of Time and other great names have given their supports which I am very thankful. There is nothing that makes me happier than such great artists and those people all around the world listen and be touched by my music.  

[WF]: Followed by incredible releases in many huge labels such as Somatic Recordings, Running Clouds, Harabe and Stellar Fountain what’s next? 

[AC]: I will be releasing nearly every month. Good pieces will come out. I am in negotiation with new labels for the following months. Stay tuned! 

[WF]: Today you released ‘Lilyum’ EP on Running Clouds to kick off 2021. What can we expect from the track and what lead to the creation of this EP? 

[AC]: First of all, I dedicated Lilyum to the woman I love. After one year, I gave an EP to Running Clouds again. Lilyum is a very emotional and a special story for me. I am sending lillium flowers every month to my girlfriend. She is the one who inspaires me to create this album. When you listen to both tracks you’ll see they are rich in emotions. I like to decorate my pieces with piano. I believe this gives a greater sense of depth. I wanted it to be listenable rather than addressing the dance floor. I hope listeners like this album. 

[WF]: You provided us a great guestmix for our Podcast Future Connection, can you tell us what the fans can expect with this new set? 

[AC]: I like telling stories through my sets. Listeners will find the sounds of intense emotions and confusions this set. I love the melodies floating on the air. I think the audience will freely give meaning to the melodies without being bound by a single mood. I believe when those who turned into themselves in quarantine times listen the set, and can say ‘this is what I felt in these long and sleepless nights’.  

[WF]: During this pandemic, did you spent more time in the studio than you did before? Could you say that this pandemic ‘helped’ you in a way to become more focused? 

[AC]: I respectively can say the pandemic did not go well for the majority, but I tried to make it positive although it was hard in many ways. However, pandemic had a good impact on my creativity actually. I was able to try new things. As I had more time, I was able to read about the theory of music and apply many things on my sounds. I am considering this period of time as a breakthrough for my creativity. 

[WF]: What are your goals for a near future? 

[AC]: The major plan of the future is my new label Novelty. I am very excited to announce that the first EP album is coming out on 20th February from my bro Martin Dubiansky and with her pure sound Uma German. There is also a remix from me. I believe art is united. There will be oil paint cover arts and futuristic melodic sounds. Label is actually self explanatory, the quality of being new and unusual.

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