This week, Portuguese Hardstyle master Kaiser-T has released his latest track, WLDM!

The track starts with rap-like vocals, with lyrics talking about pushing ahead through difficulties and putting effort into making your dreams come true. The mid intro is punchy, with a nice distorted bass down below and some screeches filling it up. On the break, we’re carried through with strings and orchestral like voices in the background, with the rap vocals once more featured prominently. During the build up, the synths start taking over the atmosphere, with the climax dropping suddenly, bursting with energy. We then get a short break that leads us to an outro that once more focuses on the roughness of the kicks.

This is a great track that perfectly describes the artist’s effort both in producing music, as well as in what regards his work as a promoter through the Hard Dance Portugal brand. His work has been fundamental in getting the Hardstyle scene to truly take off in his home country and he’s had to push through many challenges to make his events happen. This track must certainly be very personal to him as it seems to accurately depict his hustling state of mind!

Play it loud, and if you loved this track as much as we did, be sure to buy it through!

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