Three weeks after Cayto’s release on the British label Running Clouds, the label has now a new release from the master Analog Context, with his ‘Lilyum’ EP.

Analog Context had his first debut for Running Clouds exactly one year ago with his already well-kwon track called ‘Gravity Assist’, released on ‘Paradise Belongs to You’ EP and premiered several times by many huge names on the scene such as Agents of Time and Stephan Jolk.

This time, the young DJ and producer is now back with ‘Lilyum’ EP, and if you’re wondering the name of this epic EP and what were the inspirations of it make sure to read our interview to Analog Context which is dropping on Friday. ‘Lilyum’ is a two-track EP that represents the best that this producer has to offer. An amazing trip around very melodic strings with lower BPMs that emerge alongside a very relaxing drums which in this case are two perfect examples of a truly remarkable melodic techno tracks.

And this is Analog Context with his brand new EP ‘Lilyum’ out now on Running Clouds. If you like this EP as much as we did make sure to purchase it here and if you like this progressive and melodic style, make sure to listen Analog Context debut for our podcast Future Connection.

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