Over the past few years the duo composed by Gabriele Bianchi and Gabriele Pavanati has delivered to the fans amazing releases in different labels such as Black Rose Rec, Running Clouds, Prisma Techno, 4our Records and now they can add Pursuit Recordings to that list with this brand new EP called ‘Do Yourself’.

Do Yourself’ is a three-track EP with two singles from the Italian duo and one remix from Erly Tepshi. The first track is the one that gives the name to the EP itself, a dark melodic track with stunning vocals from John M. with powerful synths in the background of the track. Followed by that we have ‘Follow The Stars’, a more progressive vision of the duo with some strings that we can immediately find it addictive and it gives you chills right on the first listen, a truly masterpiece by the Italian duo. And to finish we have the remix by the man you doesn’t need any introduction or whatsoever, Erly Tepshi with this amazing remix that brings his own perspective and signature of the track alongside with the synths and drums that we can immediately associate to the already very well-known artists.  

And well, this is the EP ‘Do Yourself’ by Opposite Ways, what do you think about it? If you like it as much as we did make sure to purchase it here!

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