Hatom released on one of the hottest labels right now and he’s done what’s probably the best track of his career thus far…

The track kicks off with the vocals that give name to the track faded in the background, jumping straight after to an out of this world mid-intro featuring very loud distorted bass that will blow anyone’s mind! This switches to a part focused in a deep, punchy kick, with a more pitched one coming right after. Before the break we have a broken beat influenced section with some wild bass effects filling the lower frequencies. The break features a lead with a very spatial and groovy feel, quickly ramping up as we progress, raising the track’s intensity as we go. The track builds up for an intense section with a punchy kick. Similar to what we’ve seen previously, the track ramps up with a loud, pitched kick and distorted bass, and winds back down again with something punchier.

This track is so astonishing that I’ve actually had some trouble crafting the perfect words to describe it… And even then it doesn’t make justice to how amazing this is! It has a bit of everything: deep kicks, distortion, melody, all in one! It has an epic feel and an amazing drive that makes me want to jump and fist pump, it should make any listener want to get up from the chair. Tracks like these are the reason why I’ve constantly searched for more and more Hard Dance continuously for a more than a decade. Bravo, Hatom!

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