We’ve had the pleasure of having Yves V answering some of our questions! Known for tracks like Not So Bad, Halfway, We Got That Cool and more recently, Echo, this very experienced producer took some time to let us know how he’s been going these days…

[WF] Wide Future: Thank you for your availability for this interview, we are happy to be able to discuss some issues with you and know some of your thoughts at a time as difficult as this. We start by talking about a very complicated topic: Covid-19, how was an entire year without performances, feeling the audience? Tell us everything!

[YV] Yves V: It’s been unheard of and very sad to not be able to play to my fans around the world, but the most important thing is that everyone stays as safe as they can – we will dance again one day, just hold in there!

[WF]: Sometimes I also believe that it is difficult to have any concentration when hearing so much news about this virus, so where did you go to get your inspiration to continue producing with such quality and did you benefit from the global lockdown in any way, namely with regards to music?

[YV]: Although there is a pandemic happening, the world keeps turning and ultimately, what I do is my livelihood but it is also my passion, it runs through my veins and is something I love to do. If anything, all I could do was throw myself back into the studio head-first!

[WF]: Well, we’re dreaming that 2021 is a year in which there can be some hope of having live shows. And speaking of 2021, you recently released “Echo“, tells us a little about the theme and how the process of creating this track went.

[YV]: ‘Echo’ is my debut on Alok’s CONTROVERSIA Records and I was so pleased to be able to release on the label, I’ve been a fan of it for a long time so to bring a deeper vibe to what leans into more slap house, with an emotional feel to the listener, makes ‘Echo’ a track I’m super proud of! I hope everyone is enjoying it and finds some escapism in it during these times. 

[WF]: Throughout the ages and in this new theme that you released, you have reinvented yourself, creating new songs and leaving your comfort zone. Do you feel that this change helped you in search of other sounds and that your target audience accepted this change and the creation of songs in a different style?

[YV]: Thank you! To be honest, I feel like my sound has always dabbled in a few genres from big-room to vocal-driven house tracks and now some deeper sounds – I’m a huge fan of both pop and of course, electronic music as two seperate genres, but to merge some big, radio-ready vocals with releases that still belong on the dancefloor, is a goal I’ve been working towards. 

[WF]: Your career has been incredible over the years, producing with the most diverse artists and performing in the most diverse festivals in the world, would you be able to mention a name for a “dream collaboration”?

[YV]: David Guetta – I’m also a big fan of Tove Lo, she’s an amazing vocalist, I’d love to get her on a track…

[WF]: And talking a little about coming to Portugal, you were in Portugal in 2016, it’s been a while. What Portuguese producers have you heard about, and what do you think about them in general? And who knows, in the near future, what do you think about a return to Portugal?

[YV]: Lots of great Portuguese producers like KURA have really done wonders putting Portugal on the map, but I love the vibrancy of the people when I visit, always so much fun to play over there and I can’t wait to come back!
[Regarding returning to Portugal] 100% – the food, the parties, the people, the amazing sunsets, I hope to see you soon…

[WF]: And to finish off, thank you very much for this interview! What do you have to say to our readers and other fans of electronic music around the world who are looking forward to seeing you on stage again?

[YV]: Thanks guys – you can keep up to date with everything new and fresh over on my social media channels to be the first to find out when I’ll be returning, as well as some exciting new music annoucements we will be dropping soon 😉 I hope you’re all enjoying ‘Echo’ and please, stay safe out there.

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