Since the creation of IMPRESSUM, a label curated by the Italian duo Fideles, in 2019, they had delivered amazing releases to the fans all around the world, and this time they are back with a long waited release form the duo IN ANIMA called ‘XXY’.  

As previously mentioned, the label was created in 2019 and it started with a four-track EP from the label owners, Fideles, and you still may recognize ‘Eskdale’, premiered by Tale of Us on their Cercle set, which is the most famous track from that first EP. Followed by that we had the second release with three tracks from Fideles as well with highlight to ‘The Secret of Eos’.

But now Fideles decided to go even further with the label as said a couple days ago.

Until now, IMPRESSUM was an outlet for Fideles’s music, giving them the freedom to release as and when they liked. Now as Fideles grow it feels the right time to expand IMPRESSUM into a fully fledge label, time to harness and support new music from new artists, just like others did for them. It’s time to build a home…

And well, this new image of IMPRESSUM couldn’t be better with this stunning release from IN ANIMA called ‘XXY’. The duo has become one of the most hyped duos since the last year with huge releases in Afterlife, Siamese Records and many more with the support from names such as Mind Against, Tale of Us and of course, Fideles. And well, this explains why Fideles decided to bet on IN ANIMA to start a new identity on the label. ‘XXY’ is a two-track EP and the first track has the name of the EP itself. This one was premiered several times from many artists, including Fideles on their set for Cercle, and the fans were waiting for it for a while now. It’s a truly melodic masterpiece alongside with melodic house drums which gives the perfect vibe to it. And the other one is it’s called ‘Moonwalker’ and as the name says it gives you a perfect journey through the melodic techno world.

And well this is ‘XXY’, the third release of IMPRESSUM now with a brand-new image. What do you think of it? If you enjoy the EP as much as we did make sure to purchase it here.

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