Latest one hitting the airwaves from over at the Theracords Labs camp is a big EP from the very talented Valido!

Black Ocean is the track that starts this EP, with a very punchy mid intro, and an echoey kick. The break features robotic female vocals with a breakbeat, with the lead shining right after, filling in the higher frequencies. An anti climatic and powerful section follows this, with the roughness of the kicks blowing the listener’s mind. We go back to a breakbeat, leading us to a climatic part where all the energy unleashes.

Reality is the second track, one with an orchestral intro, impacting kicks with a deep, rumbling bass. The break has a somewhat sci-fi feel with the deep vocals. The melody is catchy, making the first climax really energetic, and with the second one having a variation of it, keeping things interesting until the very end.

Revolution is the third track, one that urges the listener to stand up for the positive change he wants to see. The mid intro is heavy hitting, something we see across the whole EP, with the melody here likely being the highlight of the track. The fake-drop that follows the break leads to an anti climatic section focused on the kicks and a menacing screech, making the listener long for a climatic part that’s presented shortly after. The kick and bass at the start of it focuses on the low end, letting the melody shine, with the second part of it switching it up.

Eternity start in a very soothing way, with pop-like vocals, a trend we’re somewhat seeing in Hardstyle releases as of lately. The mid intro features a nicely distorted bass down below, getting the listener in the mood to dance. This is another track that bets on the catchiness of the melody, and together with these vocals, it results very well. With the climax having a somewhat summer-ish, feel good vibe.

To top it all off there’s an updated version of Dusk And Dawn with a slightly updated melody and other vocals. While it’s an interesting variation comparing to the original one, it personally didn’t caught my attention in the same way as the original one did. Nevertheless it is a very well composed track with all elements perfectly balanced from start to finish, and a strong kick

A very interesting release from a producer that’s clearly doing his best to focus on quality and not quantity. It’s one I’ve been keeping track for a while and it’s been interesting to hear, release after release, fine improvements to the overall quality of the tracks, and how his style develops. Be sure to stream these loud!

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