HUGE news for all San Holo fans! Your blessing percentage for today will rise through the roof with the major announcement he teased in the last few days – album2 is coming!

Now available on the bitbird shop are several packages for this album, including a limited edition white label double EP that got sold out as I was writing this! Nevertheless, plenty of other options, such as the regular double LP, the box set with merch, or the CD or cassette versions of the album.

To accompany this announcement, San Holo released find your way, a collaboration with Bipolar Sunshine, that will be featured in the album

The track is soothing, but has an upbeat feel with its breakbeat, echoey vocals, dreamy atmosphere and the usual guitar riffs we’re used to from San Holo releases. Sounds promising if this is representative of what we’ll hear on the album…

Are you pre-ordering it? We are for sure!

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