Somatic Records, an already well-known British label in the scene has delivered to us many releases from huge artists such as Jaden Raxel, Stephan Jolk, Lauren Mia, Wolfson, Modeplex, Paradoks and many more. And this time they are back with an EP from Roumex called ‘Illusion ’.

For the ones who aren’t familiar with the German duo Roumex, they’re a rising name and were founded at the beginning of 2016 and unite the genres of Techno and Deep house. Their inspirations to create music came from classicals instruments such as piano or even violin with that being a crucial piece of their live shows. With a heavy presence of the classical world on their releases, the duo had already the support of Bart Skills, Einmusik, Felix Kröcher, Reinier Zonneveld and many more.

Regarding ‘Illusion’, it’s a four-track EP with two singles from the duo itself and two remixes, one from Raphael Mader and another one from EMPHI. The first two tracks ‘Illusion’ and ‘Inside My Head’ explore a very melodic and progressive vibe with perfect leads and vocals alongside it.  After that we have the Raphael Mader’s remix of ‘Illusion’ which explores darker vibes and heavier drums than the original track. And to finish this stunning EP we have the remix by EMPHI of ‘Illusion’ as well, but in this case the remix is more focused on a more deep house vibe with lower BPMs.

And well, this is ‘Illusion’! What do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments down below. And if you like this EP as much as we did make sure to purchase it here.

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