The Italian label Black Rose has since the beginning delivered to us some of the best young talents on the scene, and this release is the perfect example of it so come take a look of KALMER EPForever Dreamer’.

KALMER, previously known as Ambian, is the new name for the techno DJ, producer and live performer Robbie Palmer who can also be found at the helm of REBORN, a cutting-edge London based Melodic Techno event and record label. As the Techno scene continues to grow further, and with his first release in the beginning of the year, we can now expect this second one to be even better! As we are already used to, the artist decided to give a little interview to the label.

Forever Dreamer’, Black Rose 9th release, is a four-track EP and it starts right on with ‘Forever Dreamer’, the main track that gives the name to the EP itself. It’s a perfect melodic track with very catchy lead, and with some truly Colyn vibes on it. After that we have ‘Entrance’, a deeper and darker track with some heavy drums and powerful synths. Followed by that we have ‘Passenger’, a stunning track that I’m sure the fans will love. It shows the best side of the artist in my opinion, the darker side combined with a piano melody. And to finish we have ‘Hunted’, a track which is a little bit ‘out of the box’, with lower BPMs and more progressive than the others, the perfect way to end this EP.

And this is KALMER’sForever Dreamer’ EP. What do you think of it? If you enjoy this EP as much as we did make sure to purchase it here!

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