The massively talented Zyon just released his latest track in one of the most talked about labels of the moment, Savage Squad Recordings!

The track begins with soothing pop-like male vocals. A breakbeat fills the background softly, with the lead taking prominence shortly after. After that there’s build up with the lead in the background and the vocals guiding us through it, with the track dropping shortly after in an immense burst of energy, fueled by the immense melody and the strong, punchy kicks down below. This burst suddenly fades away, giving space for the break that makes extensive use of the vocals and a sample of clock ticking. The build up plays with the vocals in a slightly different way here, leading us to a ‘fake drop’-styled anti climatic section that focuses on the roughness, and features some intense pitched kicks that will blow anyone’s mind.

This is some really heavy and well made stuff from Zyon! The pop-ish vocals contrast really well with the overall harder vibes of the track and it’s crazy how well something that’s seemingly so distinct from the harder styles fits so well in a Hardstyle track.

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