Hydeout is back in 2021 after seeing their festival postponed in 2020 due to the pandemic crisis, but this time as a digital festival. It takes off today, January 29th, with the premiere of the Martin Garrix episode at 9 PM (GMT).

Hydeout: The Prelude is a digital festival that created new festivalgoers in the pandemic times experienced around the world. After the postponement of Hydeout Music Festival Singapore to October (that would be in April) due to COVID-19, in the summer the organization anticipated what would become a new multi-genre virtual music platform unlike any other.

The Prelude will serve thrilling performances recorded in remote locations across the world and also incredible stories. To provide an excellent atmosphere for all festivalgoers, three virtual worlds were designed: HydeCity, HydeIsland, and HydeEscape with 20 stages between them.

The festival line-up includes Martin Garrix, DJ SNAKE, Wiz Khalifa, Alison Wonderland, Nicky Romero, Rita Ora, MERCER, Cosmic Gate, Kid Laroi, Don Diablo, Flux Pavilion, Yellow Claw, NGHTMRE, Andrew Rayel, Dubvision, TV Noise and many others.

The artists’ performances are divided into episodes, which will premiere 2-3 times per week. There will also be special takeovers from labels like Monstercat and STMPD RCRDS.

This festival is marked by innovation and professionalism. The film crew has the presence of Charly Friedrichs, A.K.A Final Kid, (known for the videos for Ultra Music Festival and other projects with well-known artists) who, with their originality in creating scenarios, recorded the sets, which will be broadcasted at the festival.

Episode Timetable

To unite music lovers, even more, there will be chats and each festivalgoer will have the opportunity to customize their avatar and being able to show it in virtual spaces within the platform.

The hallmark of this festival is certainly the openness to the public since a free pass was created: “Pay As You Go”. If you register you can have the opportunity to enter the festival, although with limited content, but there is still a wide variety of things that you will be able to access. Have you ever imagined going to a festival without paying? Despite that, there’s also a paid ticket, ‘Season Pass’, which gives you unlimited access to all content, for the amount of $49.90.

As an event with so much innovation and technology could not be missing, an economic system was also created within it. Hyde:Wallet is a virtual wallet for the festival where its cryptocurrency is the HydeCoins. With that, you can buy artist episodes, accessories for your avatar, and special moves to show when you are on stage.

– Rita Ora

When you purchase the ‘Pay As You Go’ pass, your wallet will be loaded with 100 HydeCoins, as with the ‘Season Pass’ it will be 1000. You can recharge your wallet at any time with packs of $10 and $20 (who never needed a refill inside the festival?) or you can win them if you reach record scores in festival games: Hyde:Hoops (basketball chest game), Hyde:Attack (volleyball game), and Hyde:Chef (preparing meals).

In a recent interview with Chan Wee Teck (Executive Producer), Mark Lim (Lead Show Producer), and Henrik Axlund (Creative Director & Partner – Macwell) it was revealed that this festival took about 7 months to prepare and that a 2nd festival season is in the works.

Image Credits: Hydeout

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