Sub Sonik is back to releases in a strong way with Flames!

This well renowned name brings yet another smashing track that will certainly please everyone who’s into the harder styles.

The first part features heavily edited vocals, with a short break that’s a bit abrupt, but that opens way to an awesome melody up top. The track then has a quick build up for an anti climatic section that gets introduced with a ‘fake drop’ style transition. The mid intro is punchy, with the bass being impacting, especially in the parts where the kick pitches down. The break goes back to the vocals that we heard in the intro, together with a breakbeat. The melody then kicks in with a beat setting the pace. Just before the track drops we get the vocals once more, with the climax right after, joining together all the good parts of the track. The heavy kicks are there coupled with the melody, contrasting nicely. But that’s not all the track has to offer, with a second climax coming right after, this time with a twist that includes menacing screeches, with the focus being on the roughness of the kick and bass.

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