If you usually go to Defqon.1, you’re no stranger to all the different packages available, namely the Travel & Stay ones. But some news came to light indicating that there might be more options soon…

From regular camping up to tipis, comfort camping and even hotels, there are all sorts of options you can choose from for your Defqon.1 accommodation. A new option may be joining all of the ones above.

As per Dutch media back in September, a company announced the intention to build holiday homes within walking distance of Defqon.1’s venue, in the terrains south east of the part where Defqon.1 is hosted at the Walibi Holland. These will range from “smaller bungalows” up to “20 person accommodations”, so there will be a bit of everything for everyone. If you know the Defqon.1 camping grounds, the plan is to build these nearby campsites 5 and 6, with this area being accessible through the infamous bridge (which was recently upgraded – a permanent bridge was built in the place where there’s a mobile one every year for the festival season)

It seems building them has the go ahead, making us wonder… Could this be a package option for the future editions of Defqon.1?

In our view it would make total sense that that’s the case, perhaps complementing the comfort camping options available at the venue and, perhaps more importantly, matching the package offers from Decibel, which includes these sorts of bungalows.

In addition to all that, packages like the Friends Camp package seem to sell out quickly, along with other options such as Deluxe Cabins, likely due to a mix of big interest for these options and low availability of them. People who are interested in these sorts of packages would then likely look at hotel rooms available – but none of these are right in the venue, or within walking distance…

Would you opt for one of these next time you go for Defqon.1, or do you not care at all? Let us know your thoughts through our socials…

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