Steyoyoke, a Berlin based underground techno label was created in 2012 and since then they brought to us many amazing talents that became well-known in the scene thanks to label.

Their team of producers and DJ’s, between them, there are names such as Soul Button, Nick Devon, Darko Milosevic, Monarke and many others, and they’ve seen recognition and support from the biggest names in the techno scene due to their unique quality. In 2014 Steyoyoke Black was born from very distinguish philosophies being their first sub label. More recently the label itself has been developed their own music genre called ‘Ethereal Techno’.

Since the start of the pandemic in March of last year, the music industry has been struggling due to financial challenges and obviously this impact is even more dramatic on underground music, especially on techno music, which relies mostly from weekly events. So, in order to combat these losses Steyoyoke decided to release a 24-track album called ‘Affinity’ with the intention of pushing ground-breaking music from different parts of the world, and to support the label.

By purchasing the album, you’ll directly contribute to support the whole industry including the team who created this project. All the raised money will be distributed amongst the team and help finance the production of Steyoyoke’s 9th anniversary party. You can buy the whole in two different formats, MP3 for 10€ or WAV format for 15€. Also, you can donate more and if you do that, you’ll get a free ticket for the label 9th birthday! This project is also supported and sponsored by Native Instruments and

Affinity’ is a short summary of the German label stands for, with a lot of quality releases from some of the amazing artists who proudly call Steyoyoke their home: Soul Button, Nick Devon, Raphael Mader, Strinner, Monarke, Hakan, Synästhesie, Browncoat, Grammik, Diazar, Law Of Physics, Clawz SG, Whirl, Darko Milosevic, Voices Of Valley, MPathy, Riggel, Hools, Leufen, Rustboy, Anders., Mashk, and Tenderheart.

In a brief chat with the label they gave us a short preview about the compilation

This exclusive compilation joins the forces of many Steyoyoke artists and delivers a soul-searching and mesmerizing trip, with each artist adding their own musical touch and feeling. The track list delivers a full range of emotions, from delicate and vibrant melodies, to escalating darker soundscapes and euphoric grooves. Let the intensity of it all take you over and soothe the mind and soul.

You can purchase ‘Affinityhere and tell us your opinion about it down below!

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