Almost one year after the release of ‘Unity’, Tale of Us joined forces again to provide continuity to what was probably the biggest release of 2020 in the scene, and now they are back with ‘Unity Pt. 2’.

Last year was probably the most atypical year that we all lived, a year with many lockdowns, without festivals, without socializing and without many more great things that we all love to do. But despite that, the music industry has always been here for us and that’s the message that Afterlife tries to show to us with this second part of ‘Unity’. Alongside this album there’s also a slogan created for this purpose which is “Together we stand, through darkness until light”. The main goal of this album is bringing awareness to important causes through music, which you can support here.

Unity Pt. 2’ is a 25-track album with songs from many already well-known artists in the label and a few new entries as well. More than half of the tracks from the album were already premiered last year by Tale of Us and many by artist related to the label as well. So, if you’re into Afterlife you already know that’s pretty unlikely to happen very often, but well, this time they decided to give this amazing gift to all the fans around the world with the hope that this will spread the love of music that unites us all.

Regarding these 25 tracks, some of them deserve a special mention, including Stephan Jolk long waited ‘A Declaration of Love’, Mind Against’s ‘Isolate’, ’The Verge’ by Innellea, ‘Volador’ by Ae:ther & Anna Caragnano that was premiered on Tale of Us livestream last year, ‘Polar Peak’ from Kevin de Vries that was been hyped over the past two years from a lot of fans, ‘Fading’ by ARTBAT & Dino Lenny, Alfa Romero’s ‘Lonely Train’, the duo Avidus with ‘In Trust We Trust’, ‘Polynate’ by Franky Wah and of course the collab between Tale of Us and Fideles called ‘Vanishing’.

Apart from that there are some artists that became now part of the Afterlife family like Kiko & Citizen Kain with their long waited ‘Pancho Villa’, Nandu with ‘Going to Mars’, VNTM with ‘Impersonation’, Antonio Rescito’sTwo Worlds, One Sun’, ‘Triumphant’ by Ivory (IT) and the young artist Massano with ‘Solitude’.

And well, this is the second part of ‘Unity’ a truly collection of 25 stunning cuts designed to transport you into another realm. And don’t forget the most important message of the album “Together we stand, through darkness until light”. We’ll dance again together soon but until then stay safe.

If you like the album as much as we did make sure to purchase it here.

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