Taking the airwaves by storm we have Invector, with his release on Rough Recruits! Crashing Down will surely make your day…

The track begins with a pitched up vocal sample that gives name to the track, chopped, and backed by a pitched down version of it. We’re quickly led to a buildup for a heavy mid intro, with some nice distortion down below. The track winds down for the break, bringing the vocals again and a breakbeat very softly in the background. As it ramps up, we’re treated to a very nice melody up top that gives the track a somewhat groovy vibe. The build up smoothly raises the intensity, leading us to a “fake drop” followed by an extremely heavy anti climatic section that has a short pause for a section that unleashes all the energy this track has to bring, by joining together the best of the heavy kicks and distorted bass with the groovy melody, giving this track a one of a kind twist!

This very talented producer strikes again with a release that’s way above average… He’s one to keep an eye on! Let us know through our socials if you enjoyed this track!

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