The British label Running Clouds has given us incredible tracks and shown to us many young artists with a lot of talent, such as Jaden Raxel, Anticyclone, Massano, Un:said among many others. And this time, they haven’t let us down with an epic EP from Cayto called ‘Last Glance’.

Tobia, well-known as Cayto, is an Italian producer focused on the melodic techno space, however his inspirations bring a sound heavily influenced by movie scores and many other genres. Despite his young age, he already masterfully blends grooves and sounds in a way that creates unique atmospheres suitable for both clubs and everyday listening and that’s the exact mood of ‘Last Glance’, RC38

Cayto had his first release on the British label on RC34, ‘Convergence’, with ‘Aware Awake’ and since then he has gained a lot of reputation and many followers of the scene had started to pay more attention to this brilliant upcoming artist.

Without further ado let’s now see what ‘Last Glance’ has to offer. It’s an EP composed by three very melodic tracks starting right on the mood with the one that gives the name to the EP itself, a remarkable piece of music that explores underground melodies. Followed by that we have a collaboration between Cayto and Mathia, an upcoming artist as well, called ‘Little Rush’. It is a combination of massive drums alongside with a powerful synth alongside it. And to finish the EP we have ‘Seventh Soul’, a track with many references to progressive but still a remarkable job by Cayto combining the best of the two genres.

It’s very interesting to see these constant bets by Running Clouds on upcoming artists and show what they have to offer to the world, and Cayto with ‘Last Glance’ is the perfect example of what this label can offer to all the melodic techno lovers. If you enjoyed the EP as much as we did make sure to purchase it here.

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