The renowned artist MYST just started the year in great style with a track that opens the appetite for his upcoming album… Life Eternal just got out through his usual label, Nightbreed.

The track kicks of with deep, impacting vocals and quickly “skips” a conventional mid-intro, introducing a very Trance inspired, soothing break that immediately puts you in the mood. The absolutely addicting melody pierces the airwaves right away. The chopped vocals carry us through an intense build up that steadily increases the momentum, with the climax overwhelming you, in a good way, like a wave of good energy and good vibes. The break that comes after resumes the Trancey vibes with the striking male vocals guiding us through. The second climax features a melody variation that very pleasing to the ears. Both climaxes have their melodies give a sense of continuity to the track.

There’s so much we could say about this track, but the bottom line is that it’s a wonderful piece of art, with vocals that bring a very strong message about the way we live our lives. This is an absolute masterpiece that showcases the best there is in the Hardstyle scene, and already a strong contender for track of the year so early on! Production is on point, as we’re used to from this artist, with all elements blending perfectly, from the bass, to the kicks and up to the leads, and it’s a very well composed track. Bravo MYST! This one goes down in history, and I personally love it, and connect deeply with the track!

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